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Antioch High School Friends - 20 Years Later

The early 90's gave birth to the [public] internet and forever changed the world. Now it's the year 2000, and 20 years have passed since we graduated high school. DeAnna Kersey Elder and Kim Bartley started emailing each other which ultimately led to a brilliant idea. Lets have a get together even before our 20 year class reunion!

A location was chosen to meet for food and drinks. Everyone who attended had a ball. People also brought spouses and significant others. The suggestion was made, and everyone agreed, that we should continue to get together on a once a month basis. Word of mouth will surely bring even more folks to future get togethers and parties. Pictures from the first party can be seen under the links below. Pictures from future parties will be posted here as well. Lastly, a huge thank you goes out to Joe Foster for designing the Antioch Alumni website.

Clint Yokley

Note: This is a private web page for class of 80 graduates and it's location will not be published anywhere online. If you do not want your picture posted on the internet, email me and your picture shall be taken down asap.

Marathon Sports Bar: 6-22-00

  • Terri, Christy, and DeAnna stop talking about babies long enough to strike a pose.

  • The comment was made that this image should be titled Freaks-R-us. Cindy, Lisa, and Martin joined us also.

  • Amanda and Clint discuss Marlboro's, British sportscars, and skidmarks.
    (inside joke, you had to be there early that Sunday morning for full effect)

  • Phillip, his wife Kristi, and their baby girl Sophie.

  • Amanda and her husband Mike ordered tons of food for everyone.

  • Bolton showed up too, just in time to see Phillip pick his nose.

    Thanks to all who came out! Sometime in July we'll do it again somewhere else in town. Folks, please bring your camera's in the future. The more shots taken the better. This is our site to have fun with. Run your mouse over the pic of el Presidente for an important pubic service announcement.

    I did not have sex with that woman!