Gordon Greaves

All together now...

...let's blame Bernie! What for this time? Doesn't matter really, let's blame him anyway. Well, someone is to blame for what will probably be remembered for all time as the Great 2000 Silverstone Fiasco. Might as well be Bernie. Although he swears he doesn't control the F1 calendar, talk to Mr Moseley - who suggests you should talk to Bernie, since it's nothing to do with him. Funny, then, that both are already on record as saying that the 2001 race will be moved back to July. How can they say that? It's nothing to do with them, right?

I'd like to go on record as saying that Martin Brundle is the best thing to happen to the F1 broadcast since James Hunt. Maybe even better than James. His calm and reasoned dissection of a race, while all around him are losing their heads - okay, Murray is losing his head - is a great attraction for new F1 followers. Murray is still needed - in fact we wouldn't be without him, but when (if) he ever hangs up his mike, who the hell are they going to get to partner Martin? One name that's been mentioned recently is Damon Hill. Maybe not such a great idea - his sense of humour is too much like Martin's, and I don't think two people with such a cutting wit would last very long together. It's interesting to note that there is a Martin Brundle "quotes" page on the web. It details some of the smarter stuff he's said, but unfortunately some of it is from a "Pit Walk" session that he does that we do not see. One comment I loved from Silverstone was that if Hakkinen got alongside Coulthard in the closing stages of the race, DC's only option would be to run him off the road. And I think DC would have done it, too! But the best quote for the Easter Silverstone weekend was "This is the worst Good Friday for almost 2000 years!" from the Jordan Team.

Now everyone is already trying to predict the who/where situation for season 2001. It's been confirmed that Mike Gascoyne has signed with Benetton, which will leave the Jordan design team in a mild case of disarray. Maybe they can employ Alain Prost - now there is talk that Peugeot is looking at buying a major stake in the team, rather than pulling out. And since Monsieur Prost has shot his mouth off in public too many times about that lump of scrap iron in the back of his regrettably fragile chassis, they may well come to a parting of the ways. But then, who cares?

One name that is being mentioned (yet again) is Jacques. He is driving next year for Jaguar, McLaren and BAR so far. It would be nice, if you got all three pay cheques! And at Williams, chaos reigns supreme as usual as they have three drivers under contract for next year and only one of them is guaranteed a seat - Ralfie. It seems that Button and Montoya will still have to fight for the other one. What a position to be in...

Ain't F1 fun?

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